Master Communication, Propel your business.

For the savvy and successful business professional, we teach essential skills, such as maximizing communication, both within your team and with potential customers.  The thoughtful, purposeful and sincere use of silent communicators creates a powerful platform from which to move a relationship forward.


Outfluence, LLC offers seminars and consultation to help master silent communication and propel your business to higher levels of accomplishment.

Some of our featured sessions include:

  • Constant Messaging® for Sales Success

  • How to Inspire a Customer Service Experience

  • Create a company-wide Quiet Storm of Outfluence™ . . . to dazzle your customers

  • You are Here . . . Now What?

  • How to Turn Lemons into Lemonade


Recent Graduates

Accessing your potential

If you are seeking employment, you need tools to give you an edge in a competitive job market.  Your edge begins witha strategy.  We will help you create, implement, and execute a personalized strategy and win the job you want.

A recent graduate needs to know what prospective employers are looking for in a candidate, as well as how to engage and communicate, both verbally and silently. We will teach you to:

  • Make a warm first impression

  • Create a personal connection

  • Actively engage in communication

  • Communicate professionalism without words

Seasoned professionals

Improving your abilities

Silent messages of sales professionals are powerful when clearly others-focused.  Silent messages are delivered by a person's attire, greeting, listening, and behavior.

The ability to read your customer's silent messages provides the seasoned professional with a advantage and the knowledge necessary to deliver exceptional service.  We will teach you to:

  • Perform to your brand

  • Put yourself into a winning environment

  • Influence sensory perception

Business Owners

Building your success

Starting a new business can be a mind-numbing experience.  We know.  We've been there.  Business is all about communication - oral, written and silent. Outfluence can show you how to:

  • Confidently approach others to establish your business:  lawyers, bankers, insurance agents, etc.

  • Project a professional image to potential clients

  • Convey a first impression of self-confidence, competence and enthusiasm

  • Learn to accurately decipher the silent communicators of others

  • Use silent communicators thoughtfully, purposefully and sincerely

"If 40 years in business has taught me anything it is that hard work and honest dealings win the day.  In between the hard work and the honesty comes a lot of communication, negotiation, patience, understanding and tears.  We can give you the benefit of having gone through it successfully and teach you how to use the tools we developed to help us do it."  -  Al Betz, Co-founder, Outfluence, LLC