The mission of You Are Here... Now What? is three-fold, and it differs from formal education by focusing on workplace communication, relationships and planning:

  • To enable students to become more effective and more confident communicators by helping them to distinguish the variety of communication channels, to recognize the overt and covert messages in entertainment and advertising, to identify the filters that influence how we construct what we say and how we interpret what we hear, and to recognize the roles that all the senses play in receiving messages;

  • To guide students in appreciating the value of relationships between self and other individuals and within both social and workplace groups and to give them the skills for selecting relationships that will provide them with growth, enrichment, and encouragement;

  • To develop in students an understanding of the importance of planning, to help them develop planning skills to select among higher education options and career options, and to appreciate the worth of both self-fulfillment and “giving back.”