Do you want to build:

  • A career that energizes you?
  • A team-like working environment that values achievement?
  • Guidance to push through and eliminate seemingly unworkable situations?
  • The skills to make better career decisions?
  • Leadership fundamentals for the "new" C Suite?


If you are struggling to find a path to satisfying work experiences, you will benefit from participating in Getting Unstuck. 


                   Donna Stephens, B.A.                     Linda Kempin, MBA             Kay Betz, MBA


The Outfluence team of experts in communication, the soft skills, personal branding, and career management are here to guide you with targeted methods, strategies and fresh perspectives so you can take action.  We all get in a career rut because of various personal, professional and other factors we feel frustrated by. With their own careers ranging from roles in small privately owned companies to global enterprises to academia, the speakers provide techniques to help people who are “feeling stuck” break through and overcome those obstacles.  The program addresses three primary ways to get unstuck: Improved Communication, Personal Branding, and Leadership Fundamentals for the "new" C Suite.

For more information or to contract for a presentation of "Getting Unstuck" contact

Al Betz @ 410-365-0742 or e-mail