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How do we want to live in America?


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This week in America . . .

After watching another evening of families suffering the tragic results of another school shooting and listening to pundits talk about gun control and asking "where were the parents," I want to add something helpful, I hope, to the conversation. Having been involved with high school students, parents, school teachers and administrators for the past 10 years and also having been involved in the legal system for nearly 50 years, I feel that I have something to offer. Youngsters today have access to way too much too soon, before they have the maturity, the knowledge and the life experience to handle it. Too much information (good and bad), too much violence, too much unsupervised time, too many bad adult examples, too much freedom. Today's kids are smarter than we of an older generation were but they don't have the same quality of direction and guidance that we had. Unfortunately, too many of today's kids are left to raise themselves because their parents aren't in the picture for whatever reasons and the school system is being asked to assume burdens that they shouldn't have to assume, leaving less time for guiding and directing. Kids need to learn about the complexities of communication starting at an early age and continuing through high school so that they can better recognize problems and better manage them as well as effectively communicate with people of all ages and all backgrounds. They also need to learn more about citizenship and why it is important to them. Our Outfluence programs teach all of this and more and thankfully students are receptive to learning more about life and how they fit into the big picture.