The Hazards of Not Finishing What You Start

It's insane!  Insane, I tell you!  "Unfinished work is debt.  It's debt because we've incurred costs and spent money building stuff but it's delivered no value yet.  It hasn't even started being paid back.  Like debt, too much unfinished work, or unfinished work that has been in progress for a long time, is too much debt and needs to be tackled."  That's what Kelly Waters of Agile Teams says. 

25% of people around the world, says Joe Ferrari of DePaul University, are chronic procrastinators.  "The law of inertia tells us a body in motion stays in motion.  And the same goes for projects," Joe's research shows, "When you interrupt a task it can be difficult to pick it up again."

What separates people living meaningful lives from those living average lives or failing lives is that the failures don't finish what they start.

If you are a business team leader interested in learning how to finish what you start concentrate in four areas: 

  1. Leadership.

  2. Diversity.

  3. Corporate Etiquette.

  4. Performance.

Leaders keep their teams mission-focused.  Creating a corporate culture in a dispersed work environment is critical to persisting toward the completion of a project.  Maintaining enthusiasm and cultivating persistence is the result of an excellent corporate etiquette program.  Performance that is inspired to excel motivates a team to achieve completion.

Outfluence, LLC was formed to accomplish several things, one of which being to teach individuals and organizations how to finish what they start.  So many people with incredible potential fail because they never complete what they start.  The process of achievement often begins at failure.  Sometimes we have to hit rock bottom before we are ready to accept the message of persistence and completion.  It's never too late to achieve.  If you are individually ready to move forward, or if you are ready to accept the knowledge of an outside force to teach your team how to finish what you want them to start, consider attending our next How to Finish What you Start workshop scheduled for April 2nd in Westminster, Maryland.  Watch this page or visit our website for registration information soon.