Introducing Our Newest Affiliate: Dave Sandler!


You probably know him as “Detour” Dave, the traffic guy and local man about town of WBAL Radio and 98 Rock in Baltimore. We at Outfluence have come to know Dave as a stellar communicator, successful business owner, and dignified inspirational speaker. We are delighted to announce our recent affiliation with him.

Dave will be working closely with Outfluence developers and leaders following this affiliation. He will be the Inspirer in Chief of our Compete for Life program (targeted for release in 2017) which teaches individuals and business enterprises how to survive the unexpected, the tragic, and the failures, and continue to thrive. Dave, also, as a professional communicator and first rate speaker, will be available to inspire and teach young professionals the art of competition. 

Dave has befriended millions all across the East Coast. Now you get the chance to know him as an Affiliate of Outfluence, LLC. We are so proud to welcome our long-time friend officially into our family.
— Outfluence Co-Founder, Al Betz

You can find Dave's new book, “Taking a Detour” at his website, and you can hire him to speak at your event by emailing