Happy Mother's Day

My mother grew up on a farm.  She completed the 6th grade.  She went to work in a textile mill.  She was proud when she told me that she earned $6 an hour, and that her boss said that she could produce more than almost anyone else on the floor.  After 25 years working in the mill, standing on a concrete floor, breathing in dust and fumes, she has COPD and pretty severe spinal issues. 

All my sister and brother and I ever saw was dinner on the table every single night of our lives, a very clean house, and the tastiest pastries made from what she learned while watching our Austrian-born grandmother bake for decades before we were born.  She supported us in our endeavors and always took pride in our accomplishments.

Recently she spent 2 months in the hospital.  She was struggling to breathe.  The family gathered around because we thought at 86 she wouldn't have the strength to win this battle.  It was nip and tuck for a few days but then she began to come around.  We knew that she would make it when she said, "I want to get out of here.  There's nothing wrong with me.  These doctors are just keeping me here so they can make more money."  

My mother is a very simple woman.  She enjoys being around family.  Everything she did for us was done with love.  She, and my dad, sacrificed comforts in their lives to enable their children to have better lives.  That's what their generation is known for, and that's what they did.

If you can't be with your mother on "her day" this Sunday get with her soon.  She could care less about the holiday.  She only cares about seeing you. 

(Happy Mother's Day from your friends at Outfluence, LLC.)