Do you know what your silent communicators are saying about you and the company you represent? 90% of communication is delivered, and received, silently. 

Outfluence®, LLC builds business and develops people who use Constant Messaging®, a Quiet Storm, and Inspired Performance to initiate and foster mutually profitable business relationships.  This new level of performance results in turning clients into advocates.

BREAKDOWN: The Program


SEGMENT 1)    The Gig Starts When You Leave the House:  Building Awareness of Constant Messaging®

Constant Messaging helps business professionals constantly market and promote their businesses, constantly sell, silently, constantly build new relationships, and consistently increase sales through increased visibility.

SEGMENT 1 INCLUDES: sensory perception in the communication process, how decisions are made, awareness of your messaging, crafting and controlling your message, thoughtful, purposeful and genuine messaging, establishing your brand, living and promoting your professional brand.

SEGMENT 2)    Creating a Firm-Wide Quiet Storm of Outfluence

The Outfluence Quiet Storm principle creates customer peace of mind, builds performance trust internally in your team and externally with your customers, turns good customers into advocates,  and increases sales.

SEGMENT 2 INCLUDES: Purpose of a Quiet Storm, components of a Quiet Storm, team concept during the Storm, identification of key communication moments, role-playing, and a look at the Storm from the customer’s perspective.

SEGMENT 3)    How to Inspire Your Performance

For the savvy business professional, an Inspired Performance will attract admirers, gain respect for your ability, encourage referrals, solidify relationships, and build client confidence.

SEGMENT 3 INCLUDES: The impact of inspiration, components of an Inspired Performance, dissecting the components, the Kenny G model, the power of silence. 

“Be so good that they can’t ignore you.”  Steve Martin


  • Single Program Segment, delivered via webinar or teleconference: $475
  • Single Program Segment, delivered live at your location: $675 (plus travel and housing if applicable)
  • Delivery of all 3 program segments at your location, one-half day: $1700 (plus travel and housing if applicable)
  • Purchase of lifetime license to integrate one of three segments of the Shine Your Light program into your business, including 3 hours of training with an Outfluence Team Member: $1499
  • Purchase of lifetime license to integrate all 3 of the Shine Your Light programs into your business, including 7 hours of training with an Outfluence Team Member: $4199

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