Outfluence for Sales Professionals E-Book (PDF)

“Outfluence for Sales Professionals” reveals the intangibles that can boost your selling performance, bring you more easily-won success sooner and build lasting relationships with prospects and customers that will continue to reward you with sales.

Today, in this post-financial collapse economy, it’s increasingly difficult to create the trust and confidence that decision makers need to buy. Using the proven principles of Outfluence and illustrated through real-world case studies, this guide shows the reader how to:

  • establish and maintain trust with gatekeepers, decision makers and influencers who impact your success
  • get busy people to listen to you
  • motivate purchasing decisions
  • fortify your relationships with a bond of trust, value and appreciation that promises ongoing demand from your customers — what Outfluence calls 24/7 “Encore Selling.”
  • sell yourself with silence — understand and improve what you silently communicate through your behavior
  • differentiate yourself from the competition naturally and effortlessly
  • take advantage of the “critical communication moments” that make all the difference in successful selling

The bonus: You’ll enjoy the process!

A practical guide and motivational tool for seasoned sales pros as well as newcomers to a career in sales – whatever product or service you sell, in any type of setting or industry.

Only available here, the information in Sales Professionals is grounded in the proprietary methodologies of Outfluence, not found in any other personal or professional development books or courses on the market today.

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