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"Then it hit me—everything I do is marketing my business—marketing it in either a positive way, or a negative way. Who people perceive me to be affects my business. And suddenly, I saw the importance.

Geanell C. Adams, RRP CSR CRI CP Mississippi Court Reporters Association

"I've been familiar with Al Betz and his work and mentoring abilities for over 10 years now.  I found myself reading Al's book "Polishing the Pearl" and fell in love with his teachings and principles on enhancing one's own personal attributes.  I then followed Al to "Outfluence," which built upon the previous book.  Al teaches how one can silently motivate others to perform by personally demonstrating the outcomes you desire.  Al is a great example of his teachings and I always recommend my students and colleagues to seek him out as a speaker, author, mentor and life coach because I've always found his work to be not only true but also very valuable.  Al truly demonstrates the example of his teachings daily and I'd encourage everyone to read his work, hear him speak, engage in his courses and follow the teachings and practices he suggests for a rewarding career and life." 

Selena Stehn, Founder, Stenographers World, LLC

"Al Betz has presented webinars, as well as hosted radio shows, for Stenographers World.  He is an outstanding speaker, calm, patient, articulate, quick on his feet, and is always well-prepared.  Members of Stenographers World enjoy listening to the radio shows and webinars he hosts on our site.  The seminars Al presents for court reporting associations are educational as well as entertaining. "


Roger Flygare, President and CEO, Flygare & Associates, Inc.

"When I contacted Al about being a presenter at our 2010 fall convention, I had no doubt whatsoever in his mastering the topic he was going to speak about . . . he grabs your attention, holds it until he's ready to move to the next matter on his agenda.  It is very obvious that he does his homework which in turn makes him a gifted speaker who tunes into the audience immediately.  When the time comes for me to be in the position to make a choice for guest speakers, Al's name will be at the top of the list.  Bravo, my friend, bravo."

Jean Burgess, Marketing Manager at NoWorriesIT

"Al Betz has created a unique organization for members of businesses, organization and schools to improve the impact of their communication skills.  What a vital yet often overlooked concept in today's busy world!  Al is a bright, thoughtful, and focused businessman whose objective is to share great communication skills with others through his business, Outfluence.  I highly recommend a meeting with Al to learn about this goal."

Pat Barkley, CSR, MBA
Barkley Trial Technologies

“I found the information that Al provided to be exceptionally valuable, useful, and easy to implement. His tips will not only help us in the business of court reporting, but also in the business of living life!”