Kay Betz introduces "You Are Here . . . now what?"

While academic classes prepare students with knowledge needed for testing success or college acceptance, you are here... now what? aims to increase the student's potential for persistence, completion, and success in post-secondary experiences, and the career path.

2 Semesters, 9 Units, 6 Modules, 60 Minutes a Week, 4 Years

These units and modules are the same in each of the four years but the lesson plan topics become more sophisticated each year and focus on issues and challenges that are grade-specific.  The program is facilitated by teacher, guidance counselors, or student leaders, using lesson plans developed and provided by Outfluence, LLC for each of the 24 sessions.

Semester One

In Semester One, we focus on the creator, the sender, and the recipient of messages from various perspectives, including experiential interpretation, critical discernment, and active listening.  The communication skills, the focus on the welfare of others, and the awareness of opportunities and skills for taking advantage of those opportunities are the benefits your school and its students will derive from Your Are Here … Now What? (YAHNW).

Semester Two

Equipped with stronger communication skills, in Semester Two students engage in conversations about life skills, such as relationship building, planning, decision-making and budgeting time and money.  They identify their talents, interests and opportunities, honing in on fulfilling career options.

What Do The Students Think?

— William Pollard