Learning to connect with humanity is the challenge of our time.

The purpose of “You Are Here . . . now what?” (YAHNW) is to bring students, faculty, administrators and parents back into their immediate environment, which is the root foundation of life – interactions with people in their communities, all of their communities: family, school, neighborhood, organizations, workplace.  Our aim is to help you focus the classroom on an environment that values connection with humanity. This is important to you today because . . .

We are witnessing the disintegration of humanity in communication. This is largely the result of our dependence upon electronic devices and media influences, which are removing the human connection to our relationships and interactions.   The explosion in digital communication has coarsened face-to-face communication and emboldened disrespectful behind-the-screen communication. 


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Kay Betz and Linda Lamon at Breakfast with the Superintendent of Anne Arundel County Public Schools in Maryland

Kay Betz and Linda Lamon at Breakfast with the Superintendent of Anne Arundel County Public Schools in Maryland

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Professional Development

The YAHNW Professional Development seminars and workshops for administration, faculty, staff and volunteers, initiate a holistic approach that immerses the school community in the communication, personal development, career success, and citizenship concepts that are the foundations of YAHNW. Once students become involved in YAHNW, the administration, faculty, staff and volunteers will be able to reinforce the concepts that the students discover and explore.


YAHNW Foundations

In uniquely designed activities and projects students and teachers discover communication styles and foundations of interpretation. Personal Development sessions on personal growth focus on understanding self and building relationships.  Identifying personal values, for example, helps students recognize their needs, desires, and what they care about most in life.


YAHNW Advanced

All too frequently today’s new hires arrive at the workplace lacking the skills to communicate face-to-face, to write effectively, and to perform in work teams.  They may come equipped with academic knowledge, but they lack the soft skills necessary for functioning successfully in organizational settings, and for achieving success in their careers. YAHNW Advanced session focus on post-secondary education options and opportunities.

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