E-book: Outfluence

E-book: Outfluence


In Outfluence, The Better Way to Influence, Al Betz details his discovery, development, and successful implementation of Outfluence. He is a man from humble beginnings that could have taken a different path, a path to mediocrity, and instead he trounced self-esteem obstacles, refused to accept business roadblocks as final, and has fought his way to success after success. This book will mentor families, motivate students and young members of the workforce, and be a source of inspiration to anyone searching for relief from timidity, poor self-esteem, or a lack of confidence. Al teaches us all that focusing on the needs of other people before our own needs is the key to a satisfying Outfluence lifestyle.

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“Just a quick note to say that I'm on Chapter 7 of Outfluence - Polishing the Pearl. The G Effect is an amazing lesson on engaging and connecting with an audience. And the five things that basketball scouts look for - I'm filing that way for future reference when I'm in a position to hire people. 

Also, you confirmed what I always suspect in that a presentation that's too polished can prevent your audience from connecting with you. 

This book starts my day on the commute to work and the time just flies! Bravo!”